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By filling in this form you have provided anonymous feedback, we do not collect any personal data from this form.

Compliments and Complaints

We always want to hear what you think about the Programme and the service you receive, whether it be good or bad.

There are a number of ways to talk to us:

  • Fill in the online feedback form above (this can be done anonymously)
  • Fill in the comment card you receive at your appointment (this can be done anonymously)
  • Raise your issue with the Screener at your appointment
  • Ring the Bookings office
  • If you have any concerns or complaints about the service, you can also email

We will acknowledge or respond to complaints within 5 working days, these are always formally recorded. The process we will follow to address and investigate your complaints is:

  1. The complaint will be investigated by a member of staff, who will respond within 15 working days
  2. If you are not satisfied with the response, we will escalate your concerns to the Programme Manager who will investigate and respond in writing within 20 working days
  3. If you still are not satisfied or the Programme Manager judges the issue to be serious or of information governance/data protection nature, the complaint will be escalated to the Managing Director or Medical Director. A written response will be sent within 20 working days from the notification of continued dissatisfaction.

Please feel free to read our full Complaints and Compliments Policy

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